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More than a chilli sauce!

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We at GSauce, believe that every product should have an invigorating, taste to it and that is why we only ensure that the freshest, highest quality ingredients make it into our products.

We have created a range of sauces and mayo's suitable for the whole family.

Our chilli sauces are available in mild and hot varieties with no additives whilst our new dip has 'scotch bonnet and lime' and 'aglio and olio' varieties.

Our from G

As a kid growing up in Italy, my family used to watch our grandmother mix various herbs and spices, creating incredible sauces to complement her dishes. 

I learnt from her and have been recreating her sauces for many years, sharing them with friends and family. They, in turn have been sharing them and they have become very popular. 

My father was a chef in Edinburgh and his influence, coupled with my own experiences working with colleagues from around the world inspired me to look further when it came to creating unique recipes.

Due to to this high demand, they have encouraged me to market the hot sauce. We hope you enjoy it as much as  my family and friends.

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